Greg DePauw Art Studio

“Greg’s art provokes brightness and happiness, while inspiring the child in everyone.”
P. O’Donal -  Jacksonville, FL

“Just like Greg himself, his artwork puts me in a positive frame of mind.”
D. Barber - Springfield, IL

“ I have purchased a couple of Greg’s paintings. They are complex and alive with color and texture.”
S. Erickson – Carrollton, TX

“ I have a DePauw painting hanging in my office. Clients always stare and smile at this wonderful piece of art.”
F. Rogers – Minneapolis, MN

“ Greg DePauw is a fascinating creative artist. We have treasured the work he has done for us. We highly recommend commissioning Greg for a unique painting.”
Jerry Garrott – Coeur d’Alene, ID

“DePauw’s pieces capture spontaneity and motion in colorful designs. The metal sculptures defy gravity and challenge traditional dimensions.” 
S. Moore - Washington, DC

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